Stock Characters: The Cooking Show Trailer

In 2006, MISCELLANEOUS Productions began rehearsals for Stock Characters: The Cooking Show, an original hip-hop and World music production satirizing the Japanese television show, Iron Chef. Stock Characters: The Cooking Show, the Documentary, shot over the course of 14 months of rehearsal leading up to and including the final live performances at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre, chronicles the journey of tough Indigenous and immigrant youth of color as they struggle through an intense music theatre & dance “boot camp.” Just as the project seems about to come to promising fruition, the main funding for the play falls through and Dakota, a 15-year-old Indigenous youth performer, disappears. While MISCELLANEOUS Productions struggles to replace the funding due to government cuts, the young performers strive to achieve some meaning and value in their lives with the support and aid of the MISCELLANEOUS Productions professional team.

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World Premiere of Stock Characters: The Cooking Show documentary at DOXA Documentary Film Festival on Friday, May 11, 2012 at 1 PM at the Pacific Cinematheque.


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