POWERful new documentary provides a unique look into the lives of youth in Vancouver’s Eastside 

MISCELLANEOUS Productions is proud to present its latest documentary film: POWER, a rare, compassionate look into the challenged lives of youth living in East Vancouver. Made possible by a community programming grant from TELUS Optik™ Local, POWER explores the question “Can the performing arts be a tool for personal transformation and lasting social change?”

The film follows a culturally and socially diverse group of young people through MISCELLANEOUS Productions’ innovative music, theatre and dance “boot camp” for disadvantaged youth. Talented and tough, the youth performers create and perform POWER, incorporating their personal stories into an edgy hip hop and steampunk cabaret.

With guidance from professional artists, designers, educators and social workers, the youth use artistic expression to face their challenges head on: gangs, addiction, racism, violence and dangerous love. POWER tells the true story of the creation, production and performance process, tracing the impact of the project on the lives of the youth performers as they courageously open their hearts and minds to enthusiastic audiences. There is no other documentary like this in Canada.

POWER received its World Premiere at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival on August 23, 2014. It will subsequently air on TELUS Optik™ Local TV. Check back here again soon for broadcast links and other dates.

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