MISCELLANEOUS Productions' Haunted House Closing Night Demonstration Reel

One year's hard work led to an amazing site-specific production. Here's a taste of the 2-hour show on the closing night of MISCELLANEOUS Productions’ Haunted House.

9 minute video reel

The Haunted House program includes the special MISCELLANEOUS Productions’ project Looking Back to Laurier funded by the Government of Canada.

A site-specific performance at 
1447 Barclay Street, West End, Vancouver

Media Release

What if you couldn’t hide from that which haunts you?

We asked seven youth about the ghosts in their lives.

Tradition. Abuse. Loneliness. Illness.

Powerlessness. Depression. Death.

Their stories will captivate… and haunt you.

Their hope will move you.



Haunted House hit the road in 2015 with workshops that featured our youth leaders bringing elements of the work to their peers in Kelowna, Prince George, Surrey, Abbotsford and Vancouver.


Creator, Director & Dramaturge Elaine Carol
Performed and written by the Youth Ensemble Holly Hamilton, Suk Min “Suki” Kang, Derek Kwan, Arjun “Arc” Panesar, Jared Ringland, Mitchell Saddleback and Ridge Zhang.
Ghost Women performed by Nicole Anthony, Laura Contreras, Sabera Hamid, Shallom Johnson and Megan de León Solís.
Set & Props Design Yvan Morissette
Costume Design Megan Leson
Lighting Design Adrian Muir
Projections Design Jamie Nesbitt
Contemporary New Music/Cello & Effects/Composer/Producer/Performer Cris Derksen
Hip Hop Composer – Music & Performance Chin Injeti
Hip Hop Composer – Lyrics & Performance Natasha Pheko
Gamelan Bike Bike/Gamelan Music/Composers & Teachers George Rahi and Robyn Jacob of Publik Secrets
Hip Hop Choreography Sabera Hamid and Megan de León Solís with additional choreography by Jess Dexter
Contemporary Choreography Shallom Johnson
Singing Instructor/Vocal Coaches Dawn Pemberton, Shane Raman and Nicolas Sommer
Sound Designer/Mixer (The Woods) Dennis Burke
Assistant Directors/Community Developers Nicole Anthony, Laura Contreras, Zoe Green, Shallom Johnson and Megan de León Solís
Production Manager Katja Schlueter
Production Coordinator Brad Muirhead
Technical Director Elisha Burrows
Stage Manager Gillian Barker
Company Manager (Tour November 2014 – March 2015) Zoe Green
Youth Leaders on Tour Holly Hamilton, Derek Kwan, Arjun “Arc” Panesar, Jared Ringland, Mitchell Saddleback, Laura Contreras, Zoe Green, Sabera Hamid, Dakota Prince, Megan de León Solís
Youth Aboriginal Story-telling & History Mentor Dakota Prince
Theatre Academic/Canadian Plays Professor Jan Lermitte
Dance Captains Arjun ‘’Arc’’ Panesar and Mitchell Saddleback
Make-up Artists Studio Photos Krysten Merrick, Tia Dumaresq and Alyssa Satow
Hair Stylist Studio Photos Tracey Newton
Costume Dresser Studio Photos Elle Buckle
Costume Dress Shows Valeria Maichen
Make-up Artists Shows Karly Paranich and Alyssa Satow
Indigenous Beadwork Artist Kazezsemaka Myra Pierre
Publicity Marnie Wilson, Artsbiz Public Relations
Diversity Consultant Eric D. Wong
Medical Consultant Dr. Aida Sadr
Evaluation Design Dr. George Tien
Graphic Designer Corporate Graphics
Live Stills Photographer Chris Randle Photography
Studio Photographer Amanda Skuse Photography
Fund Development Mary Ann Anderson of Little Dog Consulting, Elaine Carol & Melanie Thompson
Rehearsal Space The Dance Centre
Community Outreach Zoe Green & Elaine Carol
Accountant Marianna Scott of Quantum Accounting
Legal Consultant Daniel W. Burnett

Documentary Film Crew

Director & Writer Elaine Carol
Producers Elaine Carol and Zoe Green
Production Manager Zoe Green and Megan de León Solís
Directors of Photography Steven Miko Burns, Lloyd Choi and Thom Stitt
Sound Recordists Jeff Carter, Mark Berry, Keith Henderson, Nick Peterson and Lisa Kolisnyk
Editor Mary Ungerleider
Sound Designer/Mixer Dennis Burke
Elaine Carol's Make-Up Artists Karly Paranich, Nell Gagan and Audrey Himmer-Jude 

A feature length documentary about the making of MISCELLANEOUS Productions’ Haunted House is currently in production.

Charitable donations towards this project are appreciated and tax deductible. 



The Haunted House program includes the special MISCELLANEOUS Productions’ project Looking Back to Laurier funded by the Government of Canada.

The Haunted House program includes the special MISCELLANEOUS Productions’ project Confronting Ghosts of War & Memory: Canadian Immigrant & Indigenous Youth Engagement Through Historical Dialogue funded by the Government of Canada.

City Of Vancouver

Canadian Council for the Arts

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British Columbia Canada
We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia

BC Ministry of Justice

cknw orphans fund

Generous individuals